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 Salute! Commitment to Training & Development

 for Healthcare  & Human Service Professionals

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HHS-"Improving the Quality of Life of Texans & Members of Society"



What we do!

We teach, train, and prepare students for careers in healthcare & human service.

Our master leveled licensed instructors provides access to  healthcare training, health literacy, human service, and health promotion  that improves healthcare delivery, healthcare access, healthcare quality,  healthcare information, & patient centered care for America's health and human service industry.

We  teach from approved curriculums and provide classroom and online instruction in a multilingual  platform to reach a diverse & underserved student population. Skill trainings, program implementation, & flexible innovative curriculums are adopted to meet  published healthcare and human service standards based on local protocols& national standards.   Classes, seminars, and workshops benefit and prepare case managers, navigators, allied health professionals, medical office professionals, health information specialist, &emergency care personnel to meet the needs of the communities they serve. 

Our caregivers & healthcare workers division prepare healthcare & human service professionals serving in positions that require life saving skills, patient centered healthcare, and integrated healthcare  delivery in non-traditional settings.

We are the pinnacle career and guidance counseling resource for allied health,  healthcare, health information technology, and human service professionals.       We welcome students seeking re-certification, continuing education credits, internships, practicum,  & test preparation.

We provide current training and test prep for  allied health, emergency responders, 1st responders, medical office, healthcare, human service, childcare providers, health promotion,  program administration, navigators, & healthcare counselors.

We prepare students to enter healthcare management, healthcare administration, and medical offices with tech skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills to meet and exceed employer expectations.

We prepare students to enter the field of health information technology (HIT). Health information students develop, maintain, monitor, and secure transfer of  health information. Our students are prepare to maintain & network  complex and multi-tier  computerized systems used by  healthcare providers,  healthcare managers, patients, consumers, medical billing entities, and healthcare quality monitors.

 We empower a community of professionals and citizens with  life saving skills, health information, and  health intervention to improve the quality of life of members of their families and members of their community.  Change Makers and Life Savers promote health, healthy lifestyle, and longevity.

Our Mission: To deliver integrated healthcare and human service  programs & training that eliminates health disparities,  reduces the healthcare worker shortage, decreases churning, and expands  affordable  quality health and human service to individuals, families, and underserved communities. 

Contact Information

Health & Human Service Academy

Program Director: Gwendolyn Matthews, PhD.a.b.d.

Specializations: B.S. I.S.T/M.A.C. & BLS Instructor

Office Hours: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Classroom: Monday-Thursday  8:00-2:30PM

Evening: Healthcare Training Skills : Tuesday &Thursday 3:00-6:00

Healthcare & Human Service Workshops & Seminars: 9:00-2:30PM Friday & Saturday

Lecture Sessions: Monday & Friday 6:00PM -9:00PM

Office Telephone
832-301-4808  214-810-9831
Postal address
2500 E.T.C. Jester Suite 362 Houston, TX 77008
Text: 713-283-4736
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